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국내 유일의 반부패관련 연구기관 서울시립대학교 반부패시스템연구소
  • Our Mission
    • The Seoul Institute for Transparency(SIT) was established at University of Seoul to analyze the problems of corruption and come up with altematives to make the public administrative system more transparent
  • History
    • 년월 내용
      November 30, 1999 An Ordinance of Seoul Metropolitan Government on the establishment of SIT
      promulgated (Section 35, Clause 1)
      January 1, 2000 SIT established in the University of Seoul; Dr. Chul Kyu Kang, Professor at the
      Bepartment of Economics, appointed as the President of SIT
      January 20, 2000 Opening Ceremony and the First Seminar on Anti-Corruption
      November 30, 2000 The Second Seminar on Anti-Corruption
      April. 14, 2001 The Third Seminar on Anti-Corruption
      August 30~31, 2001 2001 Seoul Anti-Corruption Symposium (co-hosted with UN)
      December 6, 2001 The Forth Seminar on Anti-Corruption
      December, 2001 Selected as "A Core Research Institute on Anti-Comlption" by Korea Research
      February, 2002 Dr. Tae-Woon Kwak, Professor at the Department of Economics, appointed as the
      current President
      November 12, 2002 SIT-OECD International Seminar
      December 18, 2002 2002 Anti-Corruption International Symposium
      May 29, 2003 Teaching & Training in the third phase of International Anti-Corruption: Development of
      a Joint Program & Leadership Group
      January 29, 2004 2004 Symposium commemorating the 4th anniversary of establishing SIT(co-hosted
      with Moonwhailbo)
      February 2004 Dr. Il-Tai Kim, Professor at the Department of Urban Administration, appointed as the
      Third Director
      June 11, 2004 The Fourth International Anti-Corruption Strategies Symposium
      September 11, 2004 A Seminar on the Effective Management of Social Interested Capitals in the Military
      November 11, 2004 Roundtable Conference on 'Citizen Ombudsman as the System of Anti-Corruption
      through Citizen' Participation (Co-hosted with Anti-Corruption Association)
      December 2004 Establishing of the Anti-Corruption Awards
      June 2005 The 5th International Seminar on Anti-Corruption Strategies in Public and Private Sectors
      December 2005 The second awarding of the Anti-Corruption Awards
      March 2006 Professor Taeyoung Kim appointed as the fourth president
      May 29, 2006 Vice-Chairman of Indonesia’s Anti-Corruption Commission visited SIT, secondly
      November 28, 2006 The International Anti-Corruption Seminar
      December, 2006 Enforcement The Third Anti-Corruption Academy Award
      March, 2007 Professor Yeong-Sik Moon appointed as the fifth president
      October 30, 2008 Open forum about the whistle-blower protection system (sponsored by Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission)
      March, 2009 Professor Gyeong-Hyo Park appointed as the sixth president
      November 4, 2009 Professor Hyun-Sung Kim appointed as the seventh president
      March, 2014 Professor Hyok Kim appointed as the eighth president