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국내 유일의 반부패관련 연구기관 서울시립대학교 반부패시스템연구소
  • Surveys & Research Projects
    • A Study on the Causal Relationship between the Transparency of Administrative Procedure and Corruption
    • Recommendations on Seoul Metropolitan Government's ACI(Anti-Comiption Index)
    • Estimating the Effect of Regulatory Reform and New Technology in Public Administration : The Case of Seoul Metropolitan Government
    • Understanding the Flowchart of Admlnistrative Operation and Diagnosing Administrative Organization
    • Corruption Measuring Model of Public Service
    • Characteristics of the Corruption in Korean Business Sector and Strateglc Counter-measures
    • A Study on the Current Corruption-Related Issues of Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Data Collection & Data- Base Construction
    • Collection and Management of Research Materials on Transparency Issues
    • Establishment of the Knowledge Exchange Program
    • Construction of Data-Base on Corruption-related Issues
  • Publication
    • Publication of Research Reports, Working Papers, Issue Papers, Translation Reports, Seminar Proceedings and Newsletters
  • Domestic and International Networking Projects
    • Research Cooperation with other Institutes and International Organization
    • Researchers and Information Exchange
    • Consulting and Scholarly Services to The Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Education & Training
    • Enhancing & Encouraging the Efforts of Government Officials to Fight against Corruption, Conducting
      Campaigns in Alliance with NGOs, Cooperation with International Counterparts and Organizations